Reversing the trend?
12:59pm - 30/Jul/2008
Believe it or not, IBM is still building Mainframes. Even more incredible, is that they are selling. If you've had the experience of transitioning back to a Mainframe environment, please, tell us your story.
We haven't made the switch back yet, but our VP seems fully committed and it appears he has the BOD on side. In our case it 'Holy Server Sprawl Batman', and we've been working with IBM to get into the zLinux game. The z10 seems to be the likely solution, and we'll hopefully have it on the floor by years end. I'll post again when the ball starts rolling. Till then....
Comment by test1234 : 30/Jul/2008 15:47
Keep us posted!  Very interested to hear your experience, both pros and cons.  Best of luck!
Comment by essjab1 : 30/Jul/2008 15:57
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When did your company transition away from the Mainframe?
5+ years ago
2+ years ago
In progress
Next 2 years
Over my dead body!