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The Family Spirit!

As a family of z/OS System Professionals, our goal is to educate and assist companies toward the goal of maximizing the return on their investment in z/OS technologies.


How we started?
ESS was formed back in 1995 by several senior systems programmers whose intent was to collaboratively explore the challenges that working with world class companies could provide. 

How we've grown?
At first, this centered around education and consulting engagements, but soon evolved into development efforts that brought us even closer to industry leading companies.  As these relationships were being built and strengthened, ESS attracted technical resources from across North America.  ESS now has a team comprised of technical specialists, programmers, and educators that allow us to work in any z/OS-related industry technology. 

How we've stayed in the game?
Over the years ESS has maintained our technical edge by owning and operating OS/390 and z/OS operating systems using hardware spanning the P390, MP3000, and z9 processor generations. 

Throughout this evolution, ESS has provided a steady hand to organizations around the world.


  Greg Szabo
Chief Executive Officer

Greg brings 35 years experience in IT to ESS Ltd. During that time he has worked as a national technical manager, sales person, international marketer, project leader, educator, consultant, and system programmer. He brings his strong leadership skills and commitment to lead the company and support our customers.
  Jim Lautner
Chief Operating Officer

Jim has 27 years experience in IT with a primary focus in the mainframe arena. During that time, he has worked as a system programmer, software technical support analyst, technical manager, performance analyst, technical architect, technical educator, software developer, and project manager. He brings this wide background of skills to each project he is involved in.
  Doran Manion
Chief Financial Officer

Doran brings 15 years commercial banking, and an additional 17 years of financial controller experience to ESS.  His administrative, financial, and legal acumen have been critical in the advancement of all ESS business.


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