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Most of the development personnel at ESS each have more than 30 years of experience in many areas of technology. They bring that experience to bear when designing and coding system and application solutions customized to your specific requirements.

DSSUltra Software - Enhancing Your Backup Operations

DSSUltra is a multifaceted set of improvements and extensions to standard z/OS DFSMSdss data backup services, providing increased automation, performance, and functionality, while reducing administrative intervention and overhead. DSSUltra does not replace DSS, but rather enhances and extends its existing capabilities.

Eliminates hardcoded volsers in your backup jobs Supports both SMS and non-SMS environments
Offloads backup datasets via FTP as they are created
Simplifies administration using only GDG-based structures
Optimizes full volume backups via "full volume incrementalization"
Retries failing backup operations using alternate options
Can perform as many concurrent backups as system resources permit
Lists datasets on DUMP FULL operations
And much more...for additional information check out our DSSUltra Technical Summary by clicking the PDF icon on the right.  

DSSUltra Technical Summary



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The C Developer Toolkit provides useful C program function calls that can expose difficult to get at system functions to traditional C programs. The learning curve for making C programs more complex can be reduced by the functions in the toolkit.


z/OS ID Assist offers a z/OS system interface to manage z/OS system security product uerids from external sources.


The ADDAM (Advanced Document Distribution Access  Management) Product is a collection of components and features which can be combined to provide sophisticated print stream re-engineering.

The ADDAM Barcode Product creates bar codes representing the information entered into a PDF form. The resulting PDF form, with its new bar code/s, may then be saved or printed for signing and mailing, or for other transmission. The data entered by the end user is contained in the bar code and the recipient may simply scan the embedded bar code to capture the entered data without needing to use OCR or form data transcription.

The ADDAM Pro Suite contains the following components which can be combined to provide customized services:

ADDAM Extract bundles documents together from many sources including most databases and file systems. ADDAM Integrator is used to read an input AFP file, process and modify the documents according to user defined criteria, and write the modified documents to output AFP files.
ADDAM PDD (Portable Document Distributor) provides the capability to generate CD-ROMs that contain fully indexed documents, a built in viewer, and of course, fully secured and encrypted. ADDAM Archive is responsible for maintaining the archive of AFP documents that are stored using a combination of a relational database and the file system.
ADDAM DirectParse is used to convert an input AFP file into individual PDF documents. Optionally, an index file can be generated during the conversion process. ADDAM Xref creates external references to the documents found in a continuous AFP data stream.
ADDAM Web provides a web browser based facility for enquiry and display of AFP documents that are stored in the archive. ADDAM XTC is focused on improving reprint of data queued to Infoprint Manager servers.


ESS software development efforts are focused in the z/OS arena. ESS has skills to deliver software applications written in s/390 assembler, C or C++, and Java. Within that mix, hybrid applications that utilize any combination of those programming languages have been delivered. This maximizes the scope of what an application can deliver while leveraging the particular advantages each programming language has to offer.

ESS has been intimately involved in delivering applications for AFP printing solutions, userid management, and other ad hoc requirements. Portable applications written in Java have been quickly deployed in z/OS, Unix, and Windows environments. Applications that require cross-system communication using TCP/IP are also part of the suite of production and ad hoc software produced by ESS. This includes traditional TCP/IP applications as well as web based offerings that make use of html and xml.

If you don't see your requirement specifically listed in our website, please contact us at (403) 278-7530 or by completing the 'Request A Call-Back' form below.

ESS Ltd. would be happy to contact you regarding any needs you may have.  Simply provide the necessary information below for us to reach you.  We do not store this information, and will use it only to contact you.
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